Almendra's Bakery

  • Traditional Wedding
    White Cake which is firm and buttery, with a hint of vanilla.

  • Devil's Food
    Chocolaty, moist and light cake.​

  • Vanilla
    A moist cake with bourbon vanilla.​

  • Marble
    Vanilla and Devil's Food swirled together for a random blend.​

  • Coconut
    Real coconut that will give you an authentic, moist coconut cake.
  • Carrot Cake
    A moist cake with freshly grated carrots and pecans.​

  • Red Velvet
    Moist, reddish colored cake with a light, chocolaty taste.

Our servings include the top tier. For pricing information, please call 321-283-6502.

The size of your cake is determined by the number of guests you want to serve. The price is based on the size and the design. Most cake flavors and fillings are included. Over the years we have developed several outstanding combinations. We encourage you to sample our cake before you make your choice.

Cream Cheese

Lemon Cream
Pineapple Preserve
Raspberry Preserve
Walnut Cream
Strawberry Preserve
White Chocolate Mousse

Apricot Preserve
Blueberry Cream
Caramel Cream
Cherry Cream 
Chocolate Buttercream Chocolate Marshmallow Cream
Cocoa Cream


Cake Flavors