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Mocha Mousse - Devil's Food Cake filled with mocha mousse and a Chocolate & White Swirled Genache Top

Lemon Raspberry - Yellow Cake filled with Lemon curd and Raspberry Jam; topped with White Chocolate Genache

Strawberry Mousse - Yellow Cake filled with Strawberry Mousse and a White Chocolate Genache Top

Raspberry Chambord - Devil’s Food Cake filled sprinkled with Chambord and filled with Raspberry Sauce; topped with a Chocolate Genache

Genache Cake Square​

Brownies- A rich brownie square filled with pecans and walnuts and topped with creamy chocolate fudge frosting.

Mantecaditos - This is similar to a short bread cookie but better. 

​Coconut Kisses
- A piece of chewy coconut delight.

Meringues - Delicious mini meringues that will melt in your mouth

Rum Squares - A small, layered square piece of yellow cake doused with white rum, filled and iced with chocolate rum-flavored butter cream.

Petit Fours - A small, two-layer piece of white cake with a filling of strawberry preserves, with a white fondant covering and a delicate buttercream rosebud on top. Decorations for other occasions available upon request.

Panetela de Guava - A small cake bite fill with guava.

Pistachio Bites - Square pistachio cake with cream cheese icing. 

For a special event, wedding, shower or office party, nothing beats the delectable varieties of our mini pastries. Each guest can have his or her favorite (if they're fast enough) while you, the host, are showered with compliments for having the perfect dessert. We recommend 1.5 - 2 items per person when used after a meal, or in combination with your wedding cake; 2 - 3 items per person is appropriate when the miniature pastries are the only dessert or the only food being served. Choose from the following list to create your own assortment. 

Miniature Patries

Almendra's Bakery